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Updated on Thursday 04th August 2016

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Dental prosthetics deal with the restoring of the dental structure, by applying fixed, mobile or semi mobile prosthesis. Our dentists in Dubai will offer to the patient the trust he/she needs, the self-esteem and the look he/she always wanted back. 

The loss of a tooth or of a group of teeth may run to mastication and phonetic disorders and partial dentition can be restored with prosthetics like removable denture, dental bridges or dental implants

The dentists in Dubai will provide the proper individual treatment plans, after the necessary first appointment. For patients with only one pair of teeth missing, the dentist in Dubai will offer the most suitable choice, such as dental implants.

When you need dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics are used under a few main circumstances, such as:

•    missing teeth;
•    teeth with gaps;
•    some or all teeth are crowded;
•    some or all teeth are cracked;
•    all teeth are brought forward or backward;
•    gums too prominent that shares a gingival smile.

Our dentists in Dubai can offer a wide range of treatments for every patient in need of dental change or emergency:

•    porcelain prosthetic on metallic construction;
•    porcelain prosthetic works on zirconium oxide structure;
•    porcelain prosthetic works without metallic construction;
•    inlays;
•    acrylic and skeletal dentures;
•    works on dental implants;
•    ceramic or composite works.

Types of dental prosthetics

There are two types of dental prosthetics - complete and partial. Complete dental prosthetics are false teeth planned to replace all the missing teeth and they are designed to be worn at about a month after the dental removals.

This type of dental prosthetics subdivides into two important treatments:

•    the conventional complete denture is located inside the mouth only after all the teeth have been removed;
•   the immediate complete denture is introduced as soon as the teeth have been extracted. This kind of prosthetics has the benefit that the patient doesn’t have to stay without teeth for an extended period of time.

Partial dental prosthetics is located on the gap made between healthy teeth. 

There are two types of dentures - fixed and mobile:

•    the fixed denture, named dental bridge, is permanently closed in the gap with dental cement. This type of prosthetics is comfortable and brings natural looking;
•    the mobile denture is typically tied to the other teeth with a metallic clasp. The benefit of the mobile denture is that it can be detached for washing and it is easier to handle than the fixed type.

The fit of the prosthesis is tested with regular visits at the dentist and the prosthesis can be adjusted if needed. 

For any other information regarding dental prosthetics in Dubai, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai that offers proper treatment plans in our dental clinics with high-standard technology.


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