Restorative Dentistry in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 07th February 2017

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Restorative dentistry means receiving particular dental treatments for any kind of detected dental problem. You may receive dental implants in Dubai, but your dentist can also suggest you fillings, crowns and bridges or dentures if the case requires it. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped and patients can receive many important tooth restorations at affordable prices.


Choose dental implants in Dubai

Patients who suffered from tooth loss can choose dental implant treatments in Dubai. This is a non-painful method which can improve your appearance 100% and can eliminate the possibility of tooth migration. The procedure implies small abutments which are placed where the tooth used to be. After six or nine months, when the osseointegration settles, the patient will receive a replacement tooth and then he can properly eat and speak, considering the main oral habits, the proper brushing and flossing the teeth. Dental visits are mandatory once in six months to see if the denture is in perfect shape and to verify if the dental implant is in the right order.

Dental crowns and bridges in Dubai

A dental crown is placed over a tooth, in order to restore it and to make it functional once again. These are also used to cover a dental implant. The bridges are used to cover a missing tooth between two healthy ones. This is more of a false teeth support which can be attached on any side by crowns and then placed for good with dental cement. Your Dubai dentist can offer you details about dental bridges and crowns and if you need such significant treatment.

Dental fillings in Dubai

The dental restoration in Dubai also implies dental fillings, which are materials made of gold, silver, plastic or composite resins. These materials will fill the tooth after a root canal treatment and after a proper cleaning of the pulp chamber. This is the most common restorative method made in our dental clinics in Dubai and can be a suitable option for all patients with not that severe dental problems.

Dental veneers in Dubai

Veneers can be made of composite or porcelain and can be cemented on one or more teeth, usually the ones that are cracked of chipped. This is a great option for all patients with such problems, and the entire procedure can be made within one dental visit. Such treatment may come after eliminating the tartar and the plaque, which usually needs to be done at least once in six months.

Patients with dentures

The missing teeth can also be restored with dentures instead of dental implants. Such replacements are usually made of porcelain or acrylic materials and metal attachments. The denture can replace all the teeth or can be used beside the healthy ones. This option is usually recommended for patients over 60 if their general health does not sustain dental implants or any other dental treatment.

Contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information about the restorative dental methods available in our clinics.


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