Single Tooth Dental Implant in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 13th June 2019

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Content overseen by dr. Cristina Novac who has an experience of over 8 years in stomatology and is a certified doctor in general dentistry.  
There are many patients who suffer from tooth loss and a proper way to deal with this kind of problem is to receive dental implants. A single tooth dental implant is necessary after a tooth extraction, and the dentists in Dubai can provide you with information and details in this matter. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are equipped with the latest technology in dentistry and all patients can choose different dental treatments available here.

What you need to know about a single tooth dental implant in Dubai

First of all, this is a common procedure, with excellent results and patients with regained smile and confidence. A single tooth dental implant is a procedure that implies the surgical integration of an anchor, graft or titanium implant in the socket where the tooth used to be. This is going to be the new root of your tooth, in order to place the artificial one and the crown, with the help of the cement. The Dubai dentist will first examine a patient’s dental health and if he/she needs dental X-rays or other dental treatments before the dental implant procedure starts. For example, if the jawbone doesn’t have enough bone in order to attach the implant, the dentist will perform a bone augmentation, a procedure that takes a little more time.

The single tooth dental implant will have the same color as the other teeth, but before the artificial tooth is prepared, the patient will wear a replacement starting with the day he begins the dental treatment.

Why choose a single tooth dental implant

There are many reasons why patients choose to know all the aspects of the dental implant treatments available and their importance. First of all, a single tooth dental implant is necessary for a proper way of eating, and will not allow other teeth to migrate in the mouth and to create unpleasant gaps. It is well-known that an individual is feeling uncomfortable with missing teeth, due to the bad appearance, no proper smile, and low self-esteem in many cases. All these can be regained if he agrees to receive the dental implant he needs.

Our team of dentists in Dubai is ready to offer you details and recommendation about the single tooth dental implant procedure and about our dental services, so do not hesitate to contact us.