Subgingival Curettage in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th September 2017

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Subgingival curettage is a procedure which is performed from the apical to the junctional epithelium in which the connective tissue part is cut off to the bone crest. Our dentists in Dubai will use local anesthesia for this simple dental procedure and will explain to the patients the entire treatment and how to keep a proper dental care. If patients decide to repair their denture, our team will suggest dental implants in Dubai performed in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

Subgingival curettage, step-by-step

In this kind of procedure, the dentist in Dubai will use a sharp curette to remove the tissue and then he will insert it into the tooth pocket with the sharp edge fronting the periodontal pocket. The next step in this dental procedure is using a horizontal stoke to eliminate the irritated tissue from the pocket. After removing the inflamed tissue, the dentist will flush the pocket. In some cases, the sewing of  a divided tissue and the use of a periodontal pack may be necessary.

Practice of gingival and subgingival curettage in dentistry

When patients suffer from periodontitis, meaning the infection and inflammation of the gums, our dentist in Dubai will perform a preliminary checkup and will be able to proceed with a gingival or subgingival curettage, if the case requires it. In some conditions, the procedure might not be suitable because there are patients who have an opening of the pocket that is too thin. Subgingival curettage alone will not remove the sources of infection, but our Dubai dentists will offer to their patients a complete dental treatment for any gum complications.

Dental treatment after a subgingival curettage

After only one week, the gum will appear reduced in height due to apical shift in the location of gingival edge and, after two weeks, the color and the surface texture will be regular. Also, the outline of the gingival edge will be well adjusted to the tooth. In such case, the dentists recommend to their patients who suffered a subgingival curettage procedure to preserve a correct oral hygiene. The main signs of chronic periodontitis are bleeding gums, bad breath, a big amount of plaque, gum swelling and even loosen teeth which eventually will fall. This is a case where the patient will need a subgingival curettage, in order to eliminate the bacteria and the infection which stood at the development of such serious dental problem. Persons who suffer from chronic periodontitis are strong candidates to subgingival curettage which in most cases is considered successful.  The dentist in Dubai will then explain the necessary steps involved in a suitable recovery, and will pretty much depend on the patient if he/she will stick to the proper oral hygiene and a nutritional diet, different from daily food habits.

What to avoid after a subgingival curettage

It is a normal thing for the patient to notice a small bleeding after a subgingival curettage and a changed saliva, but this usually takes about 3-4 days. Patients who received a subgingival curettage should consider a few elementary recommendations for a better and fast recovery, such as:
even though it might seem hard, a patient needs to quit smoking;
hot and cold beverages are strictly forbidden;
the patient must not spit, use straws, eat spicy foods or go to the gym;
brushing needs to be performed with extra care and slow motion.
Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for any other information regarding a subgingival curettage and proper treatment plans. You can discover our dental services in Dubai on which you can rely on if you have planned a dental trip.


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