Surgical Extractions in Dubai

Updated on Friday 23rd June 2017

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Surgical extractions are dental operations where the dentist removes a tooth out of its socket. This type of invasive procedure is usually done when a tooth is badly injured and the doctor decides it can no longer be saved. If the dental situation requires a surgical extraction, our dentists in Dubai will assess your dental problem, in order to be solved with the best possible outcome. Moreover, our team can suggest you dental implants in Dubai for a complete and excellent teeth restoration.

When does a patient need a surgical extraction? 

A surgical extraction becomes a necessity for a patient in several situations. In our dental clinics in Dubai, our patients can receive surgical extractions in the following cases: 

•    the tooth is extremely damaged – our dentists in Dubai can tell you if the tooth can be saved in accordance with the decay covered area; 
•    the tooth is severely infected and the doctor can’t perform a root canal treatment (the patient is having severe gum disease);
•    when the teeth are too crowded on the dental arches and orthodontics procedures may not offer good results;
•    development of the wisdom teeth – they grow in an inaccessible part of the mouth; usually, they do not grow vertically and it may provoke various oral problems. In some cases, our dentists have to cut through the jawbone and tissues to remove them.

Dental extractions in Dubai 

At our clinic in Dubai, the doctors will order an X-ray to observe the situation of the tooth or teeth that may need to be removed. The operation will be performed by a dental specialist, called the oral and maxillofacial surgeon. According to the gravity of the dental problem, the dentist will apply a local anesthetic. If the patient needs to remove more (or all) teeth, the dentist will choose a general anesthetic, recommended in such cases. As a patient, you should expect to feel some pain after the surgery, and also swelling of the area. Our dentists in Dubai will prescribe antibiotics to prevent possible infections. After the surgery, the missing tooth (or teeth) can be replaced by a dental implant, a bridge or by dentures. Our dentists in Dubai will help you choose the most suitable option to your dental problem and also, recommend a dental tourism package, tailored to your needs. 

The recovery after a surgical extraction

A dental extraction made with surgical techniques can be done within one dental visit in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, of course, under oral sedation, where no pain will be felt. The recovery period of a patient who suffered a tooth extraction is extremely important and numerous recommendations need to be considered while at home, for instance:

•    the patients should take some time off and rest as much as possible;
•    the hard foods are strictly forbidden in the recovery period;
•    soft foods like vegetable foods, cheese, mash potatoes, spaghetti or puddings need to be part of your new diet;
•    the patients need to consider the medication, especially if antibiotics are involved;
•    the brushing techniques need to be gentle, in order to protect the sensitive zone;
•    a patient needs to use fluoride rinses to keep away from bacteria.

The recovery time should take a few days, depending on the number of the extracted teeth. If you deal with pain while recovering at home, you should visit your dentist in Dubai who can prescribe you some painkillers.

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth usually grow in awkward positions, the get decayed quite fast and they can be extremely painful. Numerous patients choose to get rid of the unwanted wisdom teeth and the main procedure to do this is definitely the surgical extraction. If you want to have healthy teeth without worrying a wisdom tooth might decay the ones around it, it is best to consider extracting them surgically. The patients can recover in a fast manner after such important dental extraction if they consider the main recommendations of the doctors.

If you want more information about the surgical extraction procedures which can be performed in our dental clinics in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below: 


Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for further information about the available surgical extractions for your dental issues.



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