Symptoms and Diagnosis of Periodontitis

Updated on Monday 13th March 2017

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According to statistics and research in dentistry, periodontitis seems to be one of the most severe gum diseases with unwanted consequences. The first sign of periodontitis is related to the first stage, also known as gingivitis. Without a suitable treatment for periodontitis, a patient can lose the teeth. Our dentists in Dubai can explain the symptoms of periodontitis and can put a diagnosis if you suffer from this severe gum disease. You can also receive dental implants in Dubai if you want to regain your smile and strengthen your denture.

Symptoms of periodontitis

Many patients who enter in our modern dental clinics in Dubai have serious gum diseases or gingivitis that transformed into the last and unwanted stage: periodontitis. In this phase, the gums are swollen and bleed every time you brush the teeth. Besides that, if you meet the following symptoms, it is recommended to go to the dentist and treat as soon as possible the periodontitis:

•    bad breath;
•    tender gums when touched;
•    bad taste in your mouth;
•    space developed between the teeth;
•    loose teeth;
•    abscess formation;
•    gum recession.

The gum disease can develop even in early years at children, due to poor oral hygiene, where bacteria attack the jaw bone and the roots of the teeth, leading eventually to periodontitis and tooth loss. Our Dubai dentist reminds the importance of dental hygiene, with the daily habits that must not be missed, in order to not develop gum diseases.

Diagnosis of periodontitis

Having a correct diagnosis related to your denture will entirely depend on your dentist, who can also detect the first signs of periodontitis. The dentist will examine your mouth and will make some dental x-rays to evaluate the status of your gum tissues and to see if the teeth are strong enough or the bone health is questionable. Any sign of periodontitis can show up from the first investigation of your denture, especially if the patient develops the symptoms mentioned above. With suitable and innovative methods nowadays in dentistryperiodontitis can be treated, considering a particular dental planning for every patient, to regain the health and the proper functions of the denture.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for further information about the symptoms and diagnosis of periodontitis.


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