Symptoms of Exposed Tooth Root

Updated on Thursday 26th April 2018

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Symptoms of Exposed Tooth Root Image
When persons develop a slight sensibility to hot and cold beverages, or when brushing the teeth, there are numerous chances for them to have exposed teeth roots. In this sense, the toothache is the main sign that reveals dental problems for which a complete dental check-up is mandatory. Our dentists in Dubai can offer information about how exposed roots can be treated and about the prevention methods in this matter. You are invited in our modern dental clinics in Dubai to find out more details about such treatments.

Why do I have exposed tooth roots?

Persons who suffer from different gum diseases can deal with exposed tooth roots and pain. The roots of the tooth are exposed when the gums are affected by bacteria and start to shrink. The symptoms are quite obvious in this dental issue and those are:
  • swollen, red and bleeding gums when brushing and flossing the teeth;
  • tooth sensitivity when serving cold or hot beverages or products;
  • twinges, toothaches and uncomfortable sensation when eating pretty much everything;
  • persons can have troubles when eating and speaking at a certain point.
Our Dubai dentist can make several check-ups before making a diagnose related to exposed tooth roots.

What happens if you do not treat the exposed tooth roots?

Exposed tooth roots are affected by gum diseases like gingivitis, and if not treated in time, it will turn into periodontitis and then the teeth will start to loosen and fall eventually. Not having complete attention for the oral care and the dental habits on a daily basis will lead to serious dental problems which must be seen and treated by a dentist as soon as possible.

Treatments for exposed tooth roots

The dentist in Dubai can offer suitable dental treatments in our dental offices in Dubai, after several verifications and once the diagnose of exposed tooth roots is made. The next step is to eliminate bacteria at the base of the teeth and clean any sign of decay. Flap surgery is also recommended, in order to cover the roots of the teeth and to protect them from future bacteria that might develop.  Desensitizing sessions based on products with minerals like fluoride and calcium are then offered to the patient suffering from exposed tooth roots.

Also, the patient will receive several recommendations for home remedies, like soft brushing of the teeth and the use of toothpaste based on fluoride and active ingredients to protect the teeth and the gums. Instead of losing the teeth for which dental implants in Dubai might be suggested, it is best to prevent any denture problems from the first signs.

For complete information about how to treat the exposed tooth roots, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.