Teeth Straightening in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 15th September 2016

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Many of us have crooked or crowded teeth. An orthodontic treatment will straighten or simply move them in a better position and this procedure is available at the dental clinics in Dubai. By following this treatment, their appearance and the way they bite together will be improved and they will be easier to clean. 

In some cases, the upper front teeth stick out so it is more likely for them to get damaged. In other cases, the teeth do not meet correctly and this can put strain on the jaw muscles. Using this type of treatment, they can be moved back into line or helped with being able to bite more even, thus reducing the strain on the muscles – and this can be performed by any dentist in Dubai

Metal braces

There are three main types of braces: metal, ceramic and clear. There is also a forth type but they are, basically, the same as the metal ones. The dentists in Dubai will agree that the metal type is the most affordable option and these brackets are very strong and they can be used for correcting the majority of orthodontic bite problems. They might irritate the gums or the cheeks but, within a few weeks of having them, they will not be a problem anymore. Beside the metal brackets, metal tie wires are sometimes used for a more effective treatment. 

Modern methods and appliances allow the use of self-ligating type. Basically, the brackets are much smaller and glued on the front of the teeth – which is a big improvement in the field. 

Ceramic braces

The second type of braces mentioned are the ceramic ones. These are made from composite materials, are strong and they usually don’t stain. Most people choose this type because they are less noticeable than the metal type. 

Clear braces

The last, but not least, type of braces are clear ones. This option is great for adults and teens, as well, who want to follow the treatment without having to wear the traditional braces. They are practically invisible and consist of plastic trays (which are quite strong) and are always unique. 

There is a forth type of braces, which aren’t often used. Basically, they are exactly the same as the metal ones, with one exception - the wires and brackets are placed on the inside of your teeth. 

Well, as you have read, there are plenty of options to choose from. All of them can be found and applied within the city of Dubai. So if you need any other details, do not hesitate to call us. We are always here to make you smile.