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Updated on Monday 31st July 2017

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In terms of dental care, we all wish to have good dental habits, so that our teeth are as healthy as possible. The modern dentistry can offer dental improvements, by applying various dental cosmetic procedures. Our dentists in Dubai can perform various effective procedures to whiten your smileTeeth are white by nature, but certain lifestyles can leave a mark on the color.  Besides offering details about the teeth whitening procedure, we remind that any patient can receive information about the available dental implants in Dubai.

Why do teeth begin to stain and change the color?

Tobacco use, medication, foods and beverages, and age are the main cause of teeth are no longer white. In time, if you do not take good care of your denture and you do not consider the periodical dental check-ups, you will see the teeth have changed the color into white-yellow one or even worse in some cases. Smokers will develop green-yellow colored teeth, but fortunately, there are numerous methods which can help them regain the whitening of the teeth. The age is also a cause why teeth start to change their color because the enamel gets thinner during the time, and no brushing techniques will maintain the white color of the denture. If you have in mind whitening the teeth, we invite you to step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai and ask for this kind of procedure which can transform your denture quite much.

How to maintain your teeth white

If you want a perfect and white smile you might want to adopt a few handy and useful methods as daily routines or habits, such as:

•    quit smoking;
•    adopt a healthy diet with vegetables and fruits which help your teeth stay strong and white;
•    don’t forget to brush and floss at least twice per day;
•    try to avoid coffee, wine or other drinks that stain the teeth;

Home teeth whitening methods 

You can improve your smile by using methods in the privacy of your house, such as whitening toothpaste strips and gels, but the most efficient methods, that will give you an instant perfect white smile, for a long period of time, are usually obtained at a dental clinic.  After analyzing your overall dental situation, our Dubai dentist will apply the most appropriate method that will meet your needs. 

Teeth whitening methods in Dubai 

As a patient at our dental clinics in Dubai, you can choose from three available methods to have a more beautiful smile: 

•    whitening  methods – it assumes that the dentist will restore the teeth’s natural white, by removing stains, debris and plaque that can’t generally be removed by brushing;
•    bleaching – this method brightens the teeth beyond their natural white and it can be done using substances that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. 
•    whitening rinses – these solutions can be part of the whitening process which can be prescribed at home after you have received professional teeth whitening method in our dental clinic.

In-office bleaching can offer very good results in just one visit at our dental clinic in Dubai. The dentist applies a high concentration of peroxide gel that is held on the teeth 15 or 20 minutes to even an hour. When you will opt for a whitening dental treatment in Dubai, you should know that our dentists will present you a standard shade guide, containing 16 shades of natural tooth color. When whitening your teeth, you can experience an up to nine shades whiter color. If you bleach them, the results are usually between two and seven shades. 

We have prepared a comprehensive video about the teeth whitening procedures in Dubai and their implications: 

If you are interested in our dental treatments in Dubai, including teeth whitening methods, please contact our Dubai team of dentists, who is specialized in various areas of cosmetic dentistry



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