How to Maintain Your Dental Health

Updated on Thursday 09th June 2016

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Dental health is important not only for a person’s looks and well-being, but also for the general health. Cavities and gum disease can lead to many serious illnesses, like diabetes and respiratory diseases. Untreated cavities can be painful and could lead to severe infections. Medical specialists also presently research if there is a connection between poor oral health and heart diseases or pre-term, low birth weight babies. Dental health is an issue affecting patients in Dubai and internationally. 

Hazards of poor dental health

Gum illness is an inflammation of the gums that could distress also the bone supporting the teeth. Plaque is a muggy film without color of bacteria which permanently builds up, thickens and solidifies the teeth. If it is not eliminated by brushing and flossing each day, this plaque can transform into tartar and may cause infections of the gums. 

If not treated, gum illness could cause loss of teeth and even the risk of contracting more severe diseases such as respiratory illness. The bacteria in the plaque can move from the oral cavity to the lungs, leading to infection or causing existing lung conditions to worsen. 

Dentists in Dubai also recognize a connection between diabetes and gum disease. Patients who suffer from diabetes are more likely to contract gum disease and could have further diabetic complications.

Scientists also research if pregnant women with neglected oral health can present a higher risk of delivering pre-term, low birth weight babies compared to women with optimal oral health. Babies who are born pre-term or with low weight present an increased risk of developmental complications, asthma, birth abnormalities and could be at an increased risk of infant death. Although these studies are made in the present, it is therefore crucial that pregnant women are aware of the importance of oral health. Our dentists in Dubai offer various dental treatments which can avoid such complications. 

How to maintain a good dental health

For an adequate oral health, you should undertake the following:

•    Brush and floss each day. An antimicrobial mouth rinse may also assist in reducing the mouth bacteria.
•    Visit your dentist in Dubai regularly to have your teeth checked. Consult your doctor as soon as you observe any issue.
•    Have a heathy diet.
•    Avoid smoking. If you do smoke, see your dentist on a regular basis.
•    If you are pregnant, make sure you eat healthy and keep an optimal oral health.
•    Brush your children’s teeth until they can write their own name. After that they should be able to brush on their own, with your help.

We are a team of dentists in Dubai who can offer further advice on a good dental health. Please contact our clinic in Dubai if you need more information.


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