The Importance of Treating a Child's Decay

Updated on Tuesday 23rd August 2016

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The Importance of Treating a Child's Decay Image
Children tooth decay appears when bacteria within the mouth start to eat away at the primary teeth, called the “baby teeth”. Tooth decay is caused by deficient dental care and insufficient teeth brushing.

Nearly 28% of children with ages between 2 to 5 develop at least one tooth cavity and the parents should search for a proper oral hygiene.

Our dentists in Dubai can offer suitable information and treatment plans, if you have a child with tooth decay.

As a reminder, adults can receive dental implants in Dubai and many other special dental treatments, in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

How to prevent children’s tooth decay

To avoid tooth decay at children, you shouldn't let the kid go to bed with a bottle of juice or milk. If the child cannot sleep you can always choose water, a recommendation from our dentist in Dubai.

Kids drink milk and juices quite fast, instead of tasting them gradually. This decreases the amount of time during which teeth are visible to decay-producing sugars from the juices.

Don’t forget to brush and floss your child's teeth every day, and be sure to stay away from sweets. Foods with high acid, like citrus fruits, will deteriorate the enamel and make your child more vulnerable to tooth decay.

As a reminder to all parents, a child should see the dentist for the first time before his first anniversary.

Treatment for children’s tooth decay

Once a child has evolved tooth decay, he will need dental work. The dentist in Dubai will examine the dental health and will offer a proper treatment plan.

Here we mention the fillings used to repair the smaller cavities, or a full crown if the damage is widespread. 

 A tooth with decay all over may have to be removed because the bacteria can cause the secondary or adult teeth to increase unusually. Staining or even pitting in the adult teeth may arise if the decay is bad enough in the main teeth.

As a parent, you should offer extreme importance to your child’s oral hygiene, from the beginning of the teeth appearance. You can start with good habits in order to maintain a healthy set of adult teeth.

For extra information or details about treating a child’s decay, you can contact our dentists in Dubai.


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