The Inhalation Sedation Technique

Updated on Monday 11th July 2016

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The inhalation sedation technique is basically an anesthesia method given to patients, during treatments. It relaxes the person under care and it is most commonly used during the procedures that need a large amount of time or when the patient has difficulty controlling his or her movements. This sedation technique is mainly used by dentists in Dubai for alleviating patients anxiety or putting them in a sleep-like state, so that little or none is felt during the procedure. 

There are four methods of dental sedation which are used by dentists today: 

-    oral sedatives,
-    intravenous sedation,
-    nitrous oxide sedation,
-    general anesthesia. 

Nitrous oxide sedation

Now, let’s talk about the inhalation sedation technique at the dental clinics in Dubai. Our dentists in Dubai will offer it in a safe and, of course, supportive environment, with all of the necessary equipment in order to offer inhalation sedation to our most anxious patients.

This is the most preferred and, thus, most safe way for light to mild sedation. It’s extremely effective for adult patients, who have mild or moderate degrees of anxiety, which makes it perfect for dental procedures. This method is mostly known as nitrous oxide sedation (or laughing gas) and is widely used as a sedation dental procedure by dentists. Basically, the patients breathe (through a nasal mask) a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. The gas offers an euphoric effect which doesn’t only relax, but also provides an analgesic effect for the patient. 

Benefits of the inhalation sedation technique

This type of sedation can be regulated constantly, the recovery is quite fast and has very few side effects. Most important, this method of sedation allows the patient to drive to home on his own after the procedure has taken place and he or she can resume, right away, the normal activities. Basically, there is no hangover effect and the gas is eliminated from the body within three to five minutes, after the gas supply has been stopped.

So, if you are in Dubai and teeth become something to worry about, make sure that you contact us because we can help. Of course, everything will be discussed before the procedure takes place and you will be fully informed. More so, if there is need for dental implant in Dubai, we can help as well. 


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