The Snap-on Smile Prosthesis

Updated on Thursday 04th August 2016

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People all over the world choose snap-on smile prosthesis for their comfort, simplicity of use and facial attractive qualities. A modern cosmetic dentistry treatment, snap-on smile prosthesis is intended for individuals wanting to look their best. Our dentists in Dubai can offer proper treatment plans and information regarding this type of prosthesis

How does the snap-on mile prosthesis work?

Snap-on smile prosthesis needs no aggressive or erosive tooth preparation, no injections, no connection or fixture to oral soft tissue and tooth structures. This prosthesis is made of durable and also flexible material and it does just that: it snaps cosily over existing teeth for normal and natural looking smiles.

Tastefully designed, snap-on smile prosthesis is adjustable, removable and also affordable. The palate and gum tissue are not covered, permitting a clear speech and a normal eating. It can be used provisionally for different occasions or regular wear, with substitutes available if needed. 

The dentist in Dubai recommends to their patients who want a snap-on smile prosthesis to take good care of it, to wash and clean it daily, in order to last many years. Patients who choose snap-on smile prosthesis benefit from healthy white looking teeth that improve their smiles. 

It is a completely non-invasive cosmetic dentistry choice, the appliance meets the needs of patients in the short and also the long term. People who want to have porcelain veneers often choose to use snap-on smile prosthesis first, to discover how their smile will be improved.

What does snap-on smile prosthesis contain?

This kind of prosthesis is made from acetyl resin, in order to be comfortable, flexible, durable and also resistant to stains. The snap-on smile prosthesis is an adapted treatment for every patient, taking into consideration the colour, the contour and width of each person's unique oral sizes. 

The acetyl resin material is non-toxic and durable and it is used in a wide range of applications, such as heart valve replacements and NASA airplane cupboards. Snap-on smile prosthesis is a suitable, removable teeth enhancing option, making oral hygiene care easy for regular teeth flossing and brushing.

For any other information regarding snap-on smile prosthesis, please feel free to contact our dental clinic in Dubai.


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