Tooth-Colored Fillings in Dubai

Updated on Friday 14th October 2016

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The dentistry developed quite fast in our days and many patients can receive tooth-colored fillings that imply metal free restorations, due to a natural aspect and the simple procedure that takes only one dental visit. Besides choosing tooth-colored fillings, you can receive successful dental implants in Dubai, in our modern dental clinics, properly equipped with high-class technology and instruments. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with information and details about the tooth-colored fillings available for personalized dental treatment plans.

Details about tooth-colored fillings

The advantage of this kind of filling is that it costs less than a gold one, and is placed directly in most cases, in a single dental visit. Our Dubai dentists use natural-looking materials instead of metal and non-metal elements, such as porcelain and composite resins, which are both durable and safe. And besides that, the tooth will definitely look like a natural one.

In dentistry, it is well-known that metallic amalgams and fillings cannot properly bond with the teeth, and that is why, our dentist in Dubai offers information about the latest technology in the field, like tooth-colored fillings made from materials that can properly bond with the natural tooth.

Direct tooth-colored fillings

Cavities resulting from decay can be restored with direct fillings, like resin, which is placed instantly, in layers, with the help of special lights. This dental procedure can be made quite fast, in just one or two hours, and the patient can go home right after that. Direct restorations can be made under local anesthesia if the dentist considers it is necessary for your case.

Indirect tooth-colored fillings

These types of fillings are used for elaborate teeth restoration when a patient has lost about 90% of teeth. There will be several dental visits because there are many procedures implied, in order to rebuild the denture.

What is glass ionomer material?

Many dentists will offer specific details about certain materials used for fillings, and the glass ionomer material is definitely a great option. They have the same color as the teeth, cost less than a gold filling, are durable and can be placed in only one dental visit.

Porcelain materials for your teeth

Porcelain materials are the most used ceramics for many dental restorations because they are hard and can properly mix with metal. Porcelain fillings have the same color as the teeth, are quite expensive, but they can last a lifetime.

If you want extra information about the tooth colored fillings, you are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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