Tooth Decay Caused by Dry Mouth

Updated on Friday 01st September 2017

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Dry mouth or xerostomia, as it is known in medical terms, has been encountered by many of us and represents the condition when the lack of saliva, due to inappropriate hydration or medication, can cause serious dental problems, especially if such condition is met on a daily basis. If saliva is not present in proper levels, the teeth can face bacteria which lead to tooth decay in numerous cases. Dry mouth is a serious condition and complete guidance and information in this matter can be offered by our dentists in Dubai

What happens if you have a dry mouth?

There are several reasons why dry mouth can be encountered, for instance, because of the use of medication for illnesses like diabetes, if patients do not drink sufficient water (at least two liters per day) or are stressed. Persons with dry mouth also develop a bad breath and in time also tooth decay because the saliva cannot wash away bacteria and cannot neutralize the bad acids from products they consume. It is well known that saliva is a natural process which helps the teeth stay away from gum diseases and decay. For this to happen, it is recommended to drink water as much as possible, in order to maintain a proper level of saliva which helps the teeth keep away from bacteria to develop.

One should know that a permanent status of dry mouth leaves the teeth unprotected in front of microbes and can lead to tooth decay and even oral candidiasis. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, all patients are advised to ask for dry mouth treatments, in order to avoid several dental problems. Our patients can also ask for dental implants in Dubai and information about the situations when this kind of treatment is necessary.

Treatments for dry mouth

People who suffer from dry mouth can ask our dentist in Dubai about the available treatments in this matter. A complete dental checkup can reveal the problems caused by dry mouth if such status is permanently or detected for some time. Some special dental treatments may involve cleaning the tooth decay or removing the dental plaque. The Dubai dentist recommends all patients to drink plenty of water to help saliva maintain the right levels, stay away from cigarettes, avoid salty products and caffeine. Patients can receive dental treatments which might include artificial saliva products, which help the teeth keep away from bacteria and eventually tooth decay.

For any other information about tooth decay caused by dry mouth, please do not hesitate to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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