Tooth Decay Management

Updated on Thursday 06th April 2017

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Tooth decay is often mentioned as the second most common human malady, following the well-known cold. Unlike many situations, tooth decay can affect individuals of any age or status. Without correct management, tooth decay can run to chronic pain, loss of mouth role, and reduced aesthetics of the smile. Although tooth decay is a normal disease for many people, it can be prevented, cured, and managed. The dentist in Dubai will offer proper treatment plans and information for any patient with tooth decay problems. It is good to know that our dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped with high-class technology.

The management of tooth decay 

Tooth decay can be managed by what are known as “non‐operative” procedures which refer to cleaning plaque from teeth, recommending a healthy nutrition and using fluoride to avoid the decay getting worse. Our dentists in Dubai will offer proper treatment plans in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. If the decay develops, these techniques may need to be related to “operative” management which includes filling and repairing teeth. The fillings will enhance the look of the teeth and lets the patient clean properly. The dentist in Dubai will first remove all of the decay with a dental drill or other specific instruments before a filling is positioned. 

Management interventions

Three alternative operative caries management interventions were assessed by comparing them with the traditional treatment of removing all the decay once, and these are:

•    partial caries removal, where the dentist will remove part of the dentinal caries and will seal what is left into the tooth for good;
•    stepwise excavation, a technique that means removal of the caries in stages, allowing the dental pulp time to restore itself and lay down dentine;
•    no dentinal caries elimination ‐ no dentinal caries is removed before closing or repairing.

However, removal of all the decay has some minuses, including damage to the nerve of the tooth, toothache and maybe weakening of the tooth construction. This method is called “one step complete caries elimination”. 

Our dentists in Dubai will answer all possible questions regarding tooth decay management, so please feel free to contact us.


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