Tooth Decay Treatment in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 09th June 2016

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Tooth decay or cavity (cary) is a permanently spoilt area in the solid surface of the teeth which develops into small holes. It is caused by several factors including mouth bacteria, frequent snacking, sugary drinks and poor mouth hygiene

Types of tooth decay treatments in Dubai

Dentists in Dubai recommend regular checks to recognize tooth decay and other dental illnesses before they could cause painful symptoms and lead to more severe issues. The sooner a patient looks for professional care, the bigger the chances of repealing the earliest stages of tooth decay and avoiding its development are. If tooth decay is treated before being painful, the probable treatment is less complex. 

Tooth decay treatments in Dubai depend on how serious the cavities are and on each patient’s individual case. Such treatments could include:

•    fluoride treatments: If the cavity is in early stages, such a tooth decay treatment in Dubai can assist to restore the enamel of the tooth. Fluoride treatments can be gel, liquid, foam or varnish which is brushed on the teeth or positioned in a little tray which fits over the teeth. Such a treatment is only a few minutes long;

•   fillings: Also named restorations, fillings are the most important treatment when the tooth decay has developed beyond the initial enamel-erosion phase. They are fabricated from different materials like tooth-colored composite resins, porcelain or mixtures of different materials;

•    crowns: If there is an far-reaching tooth decay or weakened teeth, your dentist in Dubai might recommend a crown. It is a custom-fitted covering which reinstates the entire natural crown of the tooth. The decay area and enough of the rest of the tooth will be drilled away to make possible a correct fit. Crowns can be fabricated from gold, porcelain, resin, porcelain fused to metal or different materials.

•    root canals: They are needed if the tooth decay goes to the inner material of the tooth (pulp). This treatment is used to restore and save a seriously damaged or infected tooth as an alternative to removing it. Such tooth decay treatments in Dubai consist of:

      - removal of the affected tooth pulp;
      - administration of certain medications in some cases, in order to clear any infection;
      - replacement of the pulp with a filling.

•    tooth extractions: some teeth present a stage of advanced decay in which they cannot be restored and have to be extracted. The extraction of a tooth leaves a gap which makes the other teeth to shift. If possible, the patient should take into consideration getting a bridge or a dental implant to substitute the tooth which is lacking.

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