Tooth Extractions in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 07th September 2016

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A tooth extraction is the dental procedure of tooth removal from its socket in the alveolar bone. When the tooth is too damaged to be repaired, the extraction is the proper solution. The most common reasons to extract teeth are:

-    tooth decay
-    dental trauma followed by a toothache;
-    periodontal disease. 

In addition, another reason is a crowded mouth, which leads to dentist pulling teeth in order to align the rest of them (orthodontia) or to make room for other to grow - when it cannot erupt by itself. Wisdom teeth can often cause pain and swelling by getting stuck in the jaw. Also, the cause of an extraction may be the infection given by a weak immune system or bacteria in the mouth attacking the tooth pulp. Nevertheless, unaesthetic appearance or fractured teeth will lead to extraction. 

Our dental clinics in Dubai will provide dental treatment plans for patients who need dental extractions to be performed in order to regain mouth health. 

Types of dental extractions

There are two types of tooth extraction procedures. Firstly, a simple extraction is a procedure for the tooth that is visible in the mouth. The dentist will use an instrument to loosen the tooth and then will remove it with forceps. Secondly, a surgical extraction is a complex procedure for teeth that are either broken under the gum line or have not fully erupted. These situations need performing incision into the gum, break the tooth into pieces or even remove some of the bone around it.

In order to minimize the pain after extraction, patients will be gently treated and helped to relax during the dental procedures. Our dentists in Dubai will make recommendations on how to manage the pain or discomfort and prescribe effective treatment such as ibuprofen, paracetamol or other specific medication. Patients should know that pain lasting more than three days, swelling getting worse, having a fever or uncontrolled bleeding indicate other serious problems. Consequently, the dentist must be called. 

Aesthetic treatment plans

Furthermore, after a tooth extraction, a gap is left and this is uncomfortable and unaesthetic. One of the options for filling the gap is the dental implants in Dubai. Feel free to contact our dental clinic in order to obtain proper treatment plans.



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