Treatment for Chronic Periodontitis in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 04th October 2017

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Chronic periodontitis is a common infection of the oral cavity involving enduring inflammation of the periodontal soft tissue which is produced by the accumulation of generous quantities of dental plaque. Periodontitis usually starts as a gingivitis and, if it is not treated, it will advance into a chronic disorder. Our dentists in Dubai can offer specialized help and proper treatment plans for every patient who suffers from chronic periodontitis. The treatment starts with a complete dental check-up, where dental x-rays are mandatory, in order to discover all the dental issues which need to be treated.

Symptoms of a chronic periodontitis

In the early phases, chronic periodontitis has only a few signs and, in many patients, the illness has advanced considerably before they seek for a dentist and a precise treatment. Signs of a chronic periodontitis may contain the following:

•    profound pockets between the teeth and the gums;
•    bleeding gums when brushing teeth or when using dental floss;
•    bad breath and an insistent metallic taste in the mouth;
•    loose of teeth in the later phases;
•    gum swelling that persists;
•    gingival depression, resulting in ostensible expansion of teeth.

Patients occasionally accept that painless bleeding after teeth washing is irrelevant, although this may be a symptom of continuing chronic periodontitis. For this reason, our dentists in Dubai recommend to their patients periodical dental visits in order to solve any gum problems that might arise.

Proper treatments for chronic periodontitis

First of all, the dentists in Dubai remind to their patients that a good oral hygiene and smoking interruption are significant to effective treatment and have positive results. The representative preliminary treatment known to be operative is scaling and root planning to mechanically debride the rock bottom of the periodontal pocket. This can be done using a sonic scaler, a powered ultrasonic or hand instruments. Subgingival debridement is an operative treatment in decreasing the pocket depth and improving the clinical addition level.

Full mouth disinfection is a recommended procedure for patients with chronic periodontitis in reasonably deep pockets. Open flap debridement is used by our dentists in Dubai mostly in deeper pocket zones. The benefit of this method is better visualizing of the root surface to be washed. Guided tissue regeneration has a big effect on probing procedures of periodontal health than surgical removal tissue, including developed attachment, decreased pocket depth, less growth in gingival stagnationPeriodontal surgery may be required in certain circumstances and the dentist can also recommend an antimicrobial cure. As a reminder, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai

Root canal treatment for chronic periodontitis

Once the decay has spread and affected the pulp chamber and the nerves, due to an untreated periodontitis, the dentist will perform a root canal treatment, under local anesthesia, without the fear of feeling any pain. Such an important dental procedure is recommended in chronic periodontitis, where the tooth canals are cleaned and then sealed with special dental fillings. Before making this kind of treatment, the doctor will consider whether the tooth can be saved or it is necessary to be removed, in order to save the healthy teeth around it. A root canal intervention is a successful and popular dental treatment used for patients with periodontitis, and in 99% of the cases, the problematic teeth can be saved and restored. We remind that if the patient lost a tooth due to a severe level of periodontitis, he/she can receive dental implants in Dubai.

Periodontal surgery in Dubai

There are cases of chronic periodontitis which can be treated with periodontal surgery. This means that ill gum tissue affected by periodontitis will be surgically removed. The next step is to rebuild the tissue that covers the tooth and protects it from bacteria to develop on the root. This is how a favorable environment is settled for the denture, once the periodontal surgery is adopted. Our team recommends such delicate and yet effective dental treatment for patients with chronic periodontitis, considering the main steps related to the oral hygiene in the recovery period.

How to take care of teeth after a periodontitis treatment

The treatments for chronic periodontitis might prolong with several visits to your dentist and, after each procedure, you should consider the doctor’s recommendations regarding the oral care. For instance, you should avoid an abrasive and forced toothbrushing, as it is known the fact that such conduct will damage the gum tissues, especially if a periodontitis treatment has been applied. In cases when periodontal surgery has been received, the patient must consider that brushing the teeth twice per day is still an available recommendation, but with the mention that a toothbrush with soft bristles is recommended. Please consider that the use of electric toothbrushes is forbidden for a while until the doctor says it is safe to use them again.

Our team of dentists in Dubai will explain to you step by step the entire treatment plan in cases of chronic periodontitis. For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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