Treatments for Dental Trauma

Updated on Friday 13th January 2017

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Dental trauma implies tooth fracture, subluxation, intrusion, alveolar or root fractures among many other dental injuries. Sports or home accidents are the main situations where people can lose one or more teeth. Such cases require immediate help and a visit to the dentist, in order to examine the health of the teeth and to apply the first aid. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with information and emergency aid in case you have suffered from dental trauma. If your case needs, you might receive dental implants in Dubai. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are prepared with top-class technology and patients can receive different dental treatments.

The first aid in case of a dental trauma

If you have suffered from an unpleasant accident which developed into dental trauma, the immediate step is to go to the dentist and receive the suitable help. The possible dental injuries may affect the head and the neck, therefore, a complete examination will be made besides the dental x-rays which include a panoramic radiography of the denture. It is good to know that antibiotics and a tetanus vaccine will be administered in order to avoid the risk of infection. The most severe dental traumas which need surgical intervention or maxillofacial surgeon are:

•    root fracture;
•    pulp fracture;
•    nerve fracture;
•    dental avulsion;
•    extrusion which implies the tooth out of its socket on one side.

Treatments for patients with dental avulsion

In case of a dental avulsion, the tooth will be fixed back in its socket as soon as the patient gets to the dentist. One should know that the fallen tooth needs to stay in a glass of water with salt, on the way to the dentist, in order not to dry. The implantation process of the natural tooth can be made in just one visit to the Dubai dentist, besides fixing other damages to the denture, like chipped teeth. If the natural tooth cannot be saved, then the dentist will suggest dental implant treatments, to rebuild the denture and to fix the appearance. It is good to know that children under the age 10 to 11 who suffer from tooth loss will not receive dental implantation because the permanent teeth will take their place.

Treatments for teeth luxation

For subluxations, which imply the damage to the periodontal ligament and no tooth movement, the dentist will administrate anti-inflammatory medications. For a lateral luxation, the Dubai dentist will reposition the tooth back in its place after an oral sedation.
Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you need emergency aid in case of a dental trauma.


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