Treatments for Halitosis in Dubai

Updated on Monday 03rd April 2017

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Is there someone who doesn’t want clean and healthy teeth? The answer is definitely NO, and people should be aware of the importance of oral hygiene, to understand that dental problems should be prevented and treated in time. Numerous people deal with an embarrassing problem like halitosis, or bad breath, which makes them feel uncomfortable in many situations. But thanks to the advanced technology in medicine, such problem can be fixed. Our dentists in Dubai are ready to recommend you several treatments to get rid of halitosis and to maintain a good oral health. And if you have suffered from tooth loss, you should ask details about the available dental implants in Dubai, according to your denture status.

Clean your teeth daily, with no exception

Halitosis or bad breath has numerous causes: a medical condition, unhealthy habits, poor oral hygiene, medication, dry mouth. It is well-known that people need to brush the teeth after every meal, in order to eliminate the food particles that get stuck between the teeth and start to smell bad. Our Dubai dentist always reminds the importance of cleaning the teeth, with correct brushing and flossing, putting much accent on dental hygiene which keeps halitosis away. The daily routines need to be adopted at early ages, and it is best to teach the little ones how to brush the teeth, the gums and how to clean the tongue. These habits must be completed with the use of dental floss, usually before getting into bed. Food particles can be eliminated with floss and then the mouth can be cleaned with fluoride mouthwash, which also fights bacteria, the main cause of decay and cavities.

According to statistics in dentistry, using an electric toothbrush can be a much more effective method, helping people clean the teeth easily. Long story short, having correct habits regarding the teeth will help individuals not to develop halitosis.

Go to the dentist for professional cleaning  

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you can receive information and treatments according to your oral health, after a suitable examination made by our experienced dentists. They can suggest you a professional cleaning if you suffer from halitosis. This treatment involves eliminating the plaque and tartar, cleaning the gum tissues and offering fluoride treatments to strengthen the teeth enamel. If the doctor discovers that you have developed decay or you present teeth with cavities, then special and ample treatments will be offered during a few dental visits. These also cause halitosis on a patient, and luckily, the dentist can offer complete and correct dental treatments.

Home remedies to treat halitosis

Besides seeing the dentist, one should know that home remedies are also important. And here we include a healthy diet with all kinds of green vegetables and fruits among many others, proteins from seeds and fish, and also lots of water. Having a moist mouth will help you stay away from halitosis, not to mention that the water is excellent for a general good health, where hydration plays an important part. Do you like mint? You might want to eat mint leaves from time to time, for a fresh breath and a clean mouth. Mint has numerous attributes and benefits for the entire body, and you should adopt it on your diet.

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra information about how to treat halitosis and about our available dental treatments in Dubai.


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