Types of Dental Implants in Dubai

Updated on Monday 29th January 2018

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The teeth restoration comes in varied forms, and the dental implants are one of the most preferred and suggested types of repairs a patient can receive once a suitable dental examination has been made. There are more than 40 different types of dental implants, each of them suitable for varied dental problems. After a complete dental investigation, our dentists in Dubai can create a dental treatment plan which can contain dental implants to replace the missing teeth of a patient.

Important steps for a dental implant replacement

First of all, the dentist in Dubai will make a dental examination and will take one or more x-rays of the area to arrange for the implant dentistry technique. After a dental implant is installed, a temporary tooth is provided. It will allow the patient to eat and function like a normal person almost immediately. In this stage, the dental graft will need a few months to fit in with the jawbone before the next phase is taken.The final and the important step to substituting the tooth with implant dentistry is the settlement of the long-lasting ceramic tooth.

This new porcelain crown is installed for life and no extra treatment is needed. After the final procedure, our dentists in Dubai explain to their patients that they should expect the new tooth to fit and function just like a natural and normal one. And they should also have a standard dental hygiene to keep the tooth and gum around the dental implant clean.

Dental implants with full arch replacement

Our Dubai dentist determines what needs to be done and prepares, after numerous examinations, the future dental implants and treatment procedure for the patient. The first step is fixing dental implants that will replace the lost tooth roots.Temporary teeth will be attached and will allow the patient to eat normally while waiting for the permanent bridge to be mounted. The final bridge is firmly connected on top of the dental implants and, with a full arch replacement like this, it normally takes two or three visits to the dentist to have the bridge entirely attached. Our dentists in Dubai recommend their patients not to forget about the usual oral hygiene.

Would you like to know more about the dental implants available in our modern dental clinics in Dubai? Please watch the video below:  


Other types of dental implants

We present you other types of dental implants available in our dental clinics in Dubai:

•   combinations of fixed and detachable bridgework, where implants are used to support a segment of fixed bridgework, to which is attached a removable section;
•   over-dentures, where two or more grafts, either regular or mini-implants are placed to offer stabilization of the denture and preserve the original bone;
•   orthodontics, where implants, either normal or mini are now being used to deliver non-movable anchor components to allow easier and faster tooth movement.

Endosteal implants to improve your appearance

An endosteal dental implant can be surgically implanted right into the jawbone and, as soon as the gum tissue covers the artificial tooth, the dentist in Dubai will perform a new surgery in order to attach a support to the original dental implant. The next step is to place the artificial tooth on the support or more if a dental bridge is provided. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, a patient can receive more details about the endosteal dental implant and the recovery time in this situation.

Subperiosteal dental implants to improve your denture

A subperiosteal dental implant is made of a metal frame which is placed into the jawbone below the gum line. Once the metal frame fuse with the jawbone, special supports will then be attached to it, but through the gum tissue too. The next step is placing the artificial tooth and consider the healing time and the special conditions in this matter imposed by your Dubai dentist.

Over-denture dental implants to regain the smile

There are numerous patients who need to substitute more than just one tooth. In this case, the over-denture seems the proper treatment which consists of mini-dental implants or standard dental implants, where the jawbone is protected from being absorbed over the years. The over-dentures are in many cases suggested for patients over 50 or for individuals who suffered from multiple dental injuries.

How to maintain oral care when having dental implants

The dental implants have a high rate of success and can last a lifetime if proper oral care is provided each day. For instance, brushing and flossing the teeth twice per day are still mandatory habits to consider. Besides that, patients are advised to quit smoking because such bad habit can deteriorate the bone structure and loose the dental implant. Furthermore, patients with dental implants need to see the dentist every six months because he/she can investigate if the denture is in a proper condition or needs further treatments.

For details about our dental services in Dubai, costs and any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact our dentists in Dubai.


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