Types of Restorations in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 12th February 2017

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The restoration of a tooth implies different methods and fillings available nowadays in dentistry, and patients with dental problems can receive suitable information from our dentists in Dubai. In cases of tooth loss, patients can receive dental implants in Dubai, after a correct examination of the denture and health. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai align with the standards in dentistry and people can receive important dental treatments.


What you need to know about the direct dental restorations in Dubai

A patient with a decayed tooth can receive an endodontic treatment to clean the area and to prepare the tooth for the direct restoration (chairside), even if there is a lack of tooth pieces. This type of dental treatment implies different filling materials like silver or resin which will be bonded with cement or any other adhesive to close the area, with the help of special lights. It is good to know that the Dubai dentist can recommend tooth-colored fillings from ceramics or composite, which are durable tooth-like imitations, and can last a lifetime if proper brushing and cleaning are made daily.

What you need to know about the indirect tooth restorations in Dubai

This is an important method used by our dentist in Dubai for patients with teeth that need extreme restoration. The tooth crown needs to be replaced with strong materials like gold, palladium, platinum alloy onlays, inlays or fixed prostheses. It is good to know that the patient can receive tooth-colored crowns instead of gold ones, but with the mention that they are not that durable or recommendable for indirect tooth restorations.

What you need to know about semi-direct tooth restorations in Dubai

Durable porcelain and composite materials are used when performing semi-direct tooth restorations if damages are severe. The decay is properly removed and then the resin is applied with the help of strong adhesive like cement. Dentistry nowadays offers many interesting techniques related to the semi-direct restorations like computer-assisted design which creates the inlays.

Short conclusion about the types of restorations in Dubai

The tooth structure can be repaired in fast and excellent manners, due to the high technology available nowadays in dentistry. Porcelain, resin, and metal alloys are extensively used for any type of dental restorations in Dubai. Such materials can be suitably bonded to the existing tooth and the final result will be a brand new tooth, helping the patient to restart the daily activities.

You are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information about the types of restorations in Dubai.


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