Urgency in Cases of Dental Injuries

Updated on Sunday 11th December 2016

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As we all know, dental accidents might appear in many ways. You may lose a tooth while playing football or you can eat hard food and damage a tooth. In such cases, the individual needs to think fast and to go to the dentist. Dental injuries can be solved in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. You can also receive dental implants in Dubai, if your case requires or if you have suffered from tooth loss while performing certain activities. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with information and guidance about the urgency treatments you can receive when dealing with dental injuries.

What you need to do when losing a tooth

A person can lose a tooth due to different circumstances, but if it’s undamaged he should see the dentist right away. Before that, it is good to know that a fallen tooth can be rinsed in milk in order to preserve the roots. A handkerchief is necessary to stop the bleeding on your way to the dentist, who will provide you with the first aid treatment. The Dubai dentist will verify the knocked out tooth, the gum pocket and then will numb the area, in order to place back the tooth.

What you need to do when dealing with chipped teeth

People deal with all kinds of foods, soft or hard. A tough product may chip the teeth, especially if you are not attentive while eating. This emergency case requires a visit to your dentist because the blood vessels or the nerves might be damaged and exposed to the open air, making pain unbearable. A root canal treatment will be performed, in order to save the chipped tooth. The next step is to add a tooth colored filling and to match the teeth. The entire procedure will be made under local anesthesia. A chipped tooth is a dental injury, so make sure to go and see the dentist as soon as you can.

What you need to know about the toothaches

If you have severe dental problems, then the toothache comes on stage. This insupportable pain comes and goes and then comes again until you convince yourself it is time to pay a visit to the dentist. The dentist in Dubai recommends solving the problems in the early phases, in order to avoid potential injuries or even tooth loss. A toothache is usually caused by a dental infection from a cavity or decay. Most people think they don’t have such problems, but the truth is that only a dentist can tell you what’s wrong.  As a recommendation before you see the dentist, try to clean the mouth with warm water and to gently floss the area. Don’t place painkillers right on the problematic tooth because you will only aggravate the situation. It is wise to see the dentist because he can offer you emergency treatment as soon as he examines the mouth and the teeth.

If you are dealing with dental injuries make sure to contact our team of dentists in Dubai to receive emergency treatments or any other dental services.


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