What Happens after Tooth Loss

Updated on Saturday 17th September 2016

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Deficient oral hygiene, without daily brushing and flossing implies teeth loss and many other dental issues. In order to avoid tooth loss, it is recommended to periodically visit your dentist, because he can offer proper treatment plans and recommendations. If you are a patient with tooth loss, it is necessary to ask for information regarding suitable dental procedures  from our dentists in Dubai.

As a reminder, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai, in order to obtain a brand new look, a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. All the dental procedures are made in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, with high-class technology.

The causes of tooth loss

There are many circumstances why an individual starts loosing teeth. First of all, a bad oral care, without brushing and flossing the teeth daily, will lead without any doubt to a bad oral health and eventually to tooth loss. Although many people refuse to understand, a poor nutrition with bad food can also conduct to tooth loss. All the acids, the sugar and the carbohydrates will harm the gum tissues and the teeth, and here we mention the well-known tooth decay. Tooth grinding will shorten your teeth in time, and smoking will intensify gum disease that will lead to tooth loss.

It is known that a dental visit might not be a pleasant moment, and many persons refuse to treat their dental problems or even a simple toothache. If you are not seeing a dentist you will not know your dental health situation and your mouth will get worse day by day, leading of course to tooth loss. The dentist in Dubai uses modern technology and the patients won’t feel any pain, if a dental treatment plan is applied. It is recommended to plan a dental visit in Dubai, in order to receive information about your dental health and if you are exposed to tooth loss.

What to do after tooth loss

Losing the teeth implies a disagreeable smile, the impossibility to properly talk and eat, anxiety and even embarrassment. Dental technology nowadays offers many possibilities to regain your smile and self-confidence. Many dental procedures are now quite handy and all patients will receive proper treatment plans according to their needs. Having dental implantsdental crowns and bridges or choosing dental prostethics will definitely change a person's appearance and dental health. All procedures are pain-free, because the dentist in Dubai will use suitable oral sedation methods.

You can also choose the bone regeneration procedure, in order to obtain a successful dental implant. It is a recommended procedure for all patients who wish a new denture that can last for a life time. Tooth loss is a serious health problem, so if you need information and guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact our dentists in Dubai.