What To Do in Case of Dental Injuries

Updated on Monday 12th December 2016

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Teeth injuries may appear in different situations, such as sports or auto accidents or when eating hard food. Knocked-out teeth, displaced or chipped teeth are considered severe dental injuries which need to be urgently treated by a dentist. It is good to know that our dentists in Dubai can offer you the first aid in case of dental injuries. You can also receive dental implants in Dubai, if your case requires. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped with top-class technology, therefore, you can receive special care and help in case of dental injury.

Treatment for severe dental injuries in Dubai

A cracked or an injured tooth can be saved if you see your dentist instantly. If you deal with a displaced tooth, due to an unpleasant accident, a root canal treatment is recommended, in order to see if the nerves are damaged. The Dubai dentist will then place the tooth back in its socket and will offer medication to release the pain. The healing process will take about one or two weeks and some additional dental visits might be necessary. Our dentist in Dubai can provide you with emergency aid and oral surgery. And if a tooth extraction will be necessary, a dental implant will be suggested by our dentists.

If you chipped your teeth, it is recommended to collect the piece, place it in a glass with salt water, and see the dentist right away. Before that, you should rinse your mouth with warm water. A chipped tooth might damage the nerves too and the pain can be unbearable. Your dentist will sedate the injured area and then will reconstruct the tooth or will place a tooth-colored filling. If there is more than 60% damaged tooth, the endodontist will add a dental crown, in order to restore the tooth.


How to take care of the teeth after restoration? 

The healing process takes time if a dental injury occurred. This means a periodical visit to the dentist, in order to see if the tooth is healing or is rejected by the body, due to the defence mechanism. The brushing and flossing are the main routines you should consider, but with special care and special items. Your doctor will explain the healing process and the important steps you need to consider.

If you have any other questions about how to deal with dental injuries, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.


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