What You Can Do in Case of Teeth Recession

Updated on Monday 21st August 2017

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What You Can Do in Case of Teeth Recession Image
Tooth recession is related to gum diseases, bruxism, or aggressive tooth brushing among many other reasons. This illness starts when a person feels pain in the teeth and when the dentist discovers that the roots of the teeth have been exposed and are no longer protected by the gums. Such cases need important treatments in order to repair the denture and to regain the health of the teeth. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, each patient who suffers from tooth recession receives comprehensive information and varied treatments. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with a treatment plan as soon as the diagnosis has been made. Furthermore, if the tooth recession leads to tooth loss, dental implants in Dubai can be provided on request.

Why tooth recession appears?

Besides bruxism and a bad way of brushing the teeth, one of the major reasons why tooth recession appears is the gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis) which involves bacteria that attack the gums and eventually the teeth. In this case, the gums recede and let the roots of the teeth exposed to microbes, leading to tooth loss if not treated in time. Even crowded teeth can be a reason why gums start to recede because clenching lets the denture without enamel and exposes it to bacteria that attack the gums. The tooth recession can be detected once the denture becomes sensitive, the gums start to bleed and swell and if the teeth look bigger than usual. Our Dubai dentist recommends all patients to schedule a dental visit in order to receive the appropriate treatment for tooth recession.

How to treat tooth recession 

Once the patient received the tooth recession diagnosis, he/she can be a candidate for gum graft surgery, a special dental treatment which is usually made by a periodontist. In this case, the gum tissue will be repositioned in order to cover the exposed roots of the teeth. In such cases, the dentist in Dubai will use gum tissue from the palate right after a professional dental cleaning is performed. We remind that before a gum graft surgery, the dentist will eliminate any bacteria found at the base of the denture as a first treatment which might take a while.

Recovery after a tooth recession treatment

A gum graft surgery is a normal procedure made in our dental clinics in Dubai. Each patient who received a treatment for tooth recession can rapidly recover and get back to his/her daily activities, considering the recommendations of the dentist, such as:
use a soft bristle toothbrush and avoid abrasive tooth brushing;
use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth;
don’t forget the medication prescribed which might contain antibiotics;
brush and floss the teeth twice per day;
visit the dentist a few times per year, if you have suffered from gum recession.

For any other information about what you can do in case of teeth recession, we invite you to get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai.