When You Need Surgical Extraction?

Updated on Friday 18th November 2016

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A poor dental health leads to decay, cavities, infection and many other serious problems. And the unpleasant part is that you can undergo a surgical extraction, in order to save the healthy teeth. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with the necessary information related to the surgical extractions you need, after a full analysis of your medical record and oral health. If the case requires, you can also receive dental implants after a surgical tooth extraction. Our modern dental clinics are properly equipped with the latest technology available in this domain.

The situations when you need a surgical extractions

From the beginning, it is good to know that a surgical extraction is a normal procedure, made under local anesthesia, for patients with more than 70% damaged tooth. The decayed teeth that can no longer be saved with a root canal procedure or with a dental crown can be extracted. The same goes for the crowded teeth that make a patient feel uncomfortable when speaking or eating. A surgical extraction can be proposed by the dentist in Dubai if the patients deal with wisdom teeth that usually grow in wrong places or get decayed quite fast. The similar extraction procedure is recommended for patients with extensive decayed tooth or teeth which cannot be saved even if certain treatments were applied.

The simple tooth extraction

One of the most common extractions implies using a forceps for the visible tooth above the gum tissue, of course, under local anesthesia or oral sedation. The healing process will much depend on the patients’ daily routine, taking into consideration he has to avoid the opened area when brushes the teeth, due to the sensitive tissue. For a fast healing, a healthy diet that contains vitamins and minerals is a must. The Dubai dentist can offer you extra details about the simple teeth extraction and about the treatment after it.

The surgical tooth extraction

This kind of method is normally used for a tooth that can barely be seen, or for a tooth that tries to grow between two healthy teeth. The surgical extraction is made under anesthesia, in cases where the wisdom teeth show up with difficulty and create dental abscesses, sore throat, pain and the impossibility of properly eat and speak.

The dentist will make a dental X-ray before the surgical extraction, in order to choose the proper instruments and method for the tooth removal, which implies in many cases cutting the gum tissue to make an easy way out. The next step is to stitch and close the area where the tooth used to be. The healing process might take a little bit longer, but the daily oral care is still necessary, besides a proper and a balanced diet. It is recommended to avoid hard food, sugars and acids that can cause bacteria.

The surgical extractions are common methods in dentistry, so please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you want extra information and details.


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