X-rays for Dental Procedures in Dubai

Updated on Friday 07th October 2016

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Dental X-rays are a common practice and represent an important diagnostic tool, used to evaluate oral health. They are obtained with low levels of radiation in order to capture images of teeth and gums. These radiographs are helpful in identifying different dental problems such as tooth decay, cavities or impacted teeth. 

Importance of X-rays technique

Moreover, valuable information about tooth positioning, bone abnormalities or even gum disease or infection is revealed through X-rays. Our dentists in Dubai will offer further information regarding X-rays used in treatment plans for dentures, braces, and implants.

When it comes to the performed procedure, the taken action is quite simple. Every patient needs to know that X-rays are performed in a specialized environment, in the office of a dental technician. Firstly, the patient's body will be covered with a special lean for protection against radiation. Then, a small plastic apparatus is inserted into the mouth which will be bitten down by the patient. It is important that teeth are properly aligned and placed on it, in order to obtain clear images. Also, the patient must remain still approximately 20 seconds as the rotating arm of the radiographic system takes the images. The process is pain-free, easy and time-saving for the dental practice.

Types of radiographs

The most common types of X-rays performed in our dental clinics in Dubai are:

•    Palatal: Capturing all teeth in one image, this X-ray is quite complex;
•    Periapical: This X-ray technique provides a complete view of the tooth, from the root to crown;
•    Bitewing: This radiograph is taken when lower and upper back teeth touch one another and the dentist can see if the crowns of the teeth match up. This technique is used for checking cavities or tooth decay between posterior teeth;
•    Occlusal: X-ray used for detecting anatomical abnormalities by offering a clear image of the mouth floor and it's done by closing the jaw. It can be seen whether the upper and bottom teeth line up or not;
•    Panoramic: This X-ray is performed while the machine rotates around the head and it's used for obtaining information about wisdom teeth, implants or jaw problems.

For any information on X-rays for dental procedures or professional dental implants in Dubai, please contact us.


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