X-rays in Dentistry for Children

Updated on Wednesday 16th November 2016

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Although it is quite difficult to convince the little ones to accept a visit at the dentist, to make them stay still on the chair and to listen to the doctors’ indications, the parents are aware of the importance of the dental health of children. If you are visiting Dubai for different dental treatments, it is good to know that our dentists in Dubai are properly prepared to provide you with details and information about the available treatments for children, including X-rays. Besides that, you can receive dental implants in Dubai in our modern dental clinics.

Do the children need dental X-rays?

The potential dental problems that cannot be seen from the first examination require dental X-rays. This procedure helps the dentist in Dubai to identify the teeth eruption and development, to detect the bone infection and to plan some orthodontic treatments if necessary. Parents should not be worried about the child’s exposure to the X-rays sessions because the level of radiation is minimum and no harm will be done to the little patient. As a reminder, the safety measures related to a dental X-ray implies the protective apron that needs to be worn by the child, in order to avoid the exposure to radiation.

When should a child have the first visit at the dentist?

Children with ages between 1 and 5 have no permanent teeth and the risk of cavities or tooth decay is high, therefore, a visit to your Dubai dentist is impetuous, if you care about the child’s dental health. The dentist can propose a dental X-ray if there are no gaps between the teeth to examine all the sides of the teeth. For children with ages between 6 and 12, the dentist can perform a panoramic X-ray in order to correctly make a diagnostic and to repair the damaged teeth if necessary. If we are talking about teenagers, the situation is a little bit different because the wisdom teeth appear, and personalized examination is required, besides a full mouth X-ray.
We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for detailed information about the X-ray dentistry for children.


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