Costs of Dental Implants in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 24th October 2020

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Content overseen by dr. Cristina Novac who has experience of over 8 years in stomatology and is a certified doctor in general dentistry.  
There are many reasons to consider dental implants as the proper treatments at a certain point in life, especially in the case of teeth loss. For cosmetic purposes or for the simple fact of changing the appearance, dental implants in Dubai are the necessary treatments one can receive in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. As for the costs of such treatments, we suggest you address to our team of dentists in Dubai who can offer complete details in this matter.

The prices vary according to the type of implants

Even though many people consider that dental implants are subject to high prices, it is good to know that these are justified in accordance with the materials from which they are fabricated and with the procedure made. Here are the average prices of dental implants in Dubai one can consider before soliciting an offer in this sense:
  • the dental implant procedure costs range between $1,000 to $4,000;
  • instead of dental bridges, the dental implants have higher prices;
  • the implant body or the cylinder as it is known might cost about $2,000;
  • the artificial tooth is approximately $1,500, and the abutment post around $600.
We remind you that these are the average prices for dental implants in Dubai, and for a personalized offer you can get in touch with our Dubai dentists at any time.

How long does it take to have a dental implant?

This is the second question once the dental implant cost in Dubai has been announced to our patients. A dental implant takes time and patience, so persons looking for this kind of dental treatment will have to pay attention to all the steps and wait for approximately 9 months until the dental implant is received. Here is information about the main stages of dental implants in Dubai:
  1. 3D imaging and dental x-rays are the first steps part of dental implant treatments in Dubai.
  2. The titanium screw is placed if there is no need for bone augmentation, in an approximately 2-hour surgical intervention.
  3. It will take around 12 weeks until the osseointegration is complete.
  4. The abutment is then placed in the socket, followed by the artificial tooth.
  5. At the next visit, the porcelain crown will be fitted.
Each step is entirely overseen by your dentist in Dubai who will know if the osseointegration, for example, was a success or not. The complete procedure might take around 9 months, however, it depends pretty much from case to case, if osseointegration is needed or not. You can discuss all the steps involved in a dental implant treatment in Dubai with our team of dentists in Dubai. You may also ask about the dental implant cost in Dubai.


Can I get a single tooth dental implant in Dubai?

Yes, if you have recently suffered a tooth loss or extraction, you can ask for the benefits of a single tooth dental implant in Dubai. Such a treatment has excellent results, and it is directed to patients wanting to get their smile back. A surgical integration of a titanium implant in the place where the tooth used to be is the first operation in getting a single tooth dental implant. The artificial tooth is then placed if the titanium screw was not rejected by the body. No matter the reason a person lost a tooth, the next thing to consider is to fill the gap and enjoy a proper denture as before. The costs for a single tooth dental implant are approximately the same as mentioned before, ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on materials, procedure, and related aspects. Feel free to talk to our specialists and find out more about dental implant cost in Dubai.

Average costs for dental treatments and interventions in Dubai

If you would like to see some prices before you schedule your dental visit in Dubai, you might want to check the following information, mentioning that these are average prices, so a personalized offer according to your needs will be provided:
  • a root canal treatment for a single tooth costs around $400.
  • a root canal treatment for more than just one tooth the costs might be around $500.
  • a dental implant with a crown might cost around $2,000 depending on the treatment.
  • a zirconia crown might cost approximately $500.
It is good to pay attention to all the costs because there are cases in which some dental treatments might be necessary before a dental implant is provided. Also, a dental implant consultation, dental x-rays, and general consultation might be subject to special prices or might be included in the dental implant treatment. Feel free to address your inquiries to our team of dentists in Dubai and find out more about our dental treatments and the prices involved. You can also watch the video presentation we prepared for you: 


Types of dental implants

Our Dubai dentist is prepared to offer you the solution that fits your dental situation. At our dental clinic in Dubai, the doctors can perform the following dental implants
  •     endosteal dental implant – the dentists insert into the jawbone screws or cylinders, that will hold the prosthetic tooth; this method is preferred as it offers stability to the new tooth.  
  •     subperiosteal dental implant – the implant is done on the bone, on the top of the jawbone, by adding a metal framework that will sustain the prosthetic tooth.

Types of endosteal implants in Dubai

There are three types of endosteal implants in Dubai: the blade, the screw-type, and the cylinders. These kinds of endosteal implants are placed surgically under local anesthesia and have the capacity to hold on the prosthetic teeth. The Dubai dentist will examine your dental health in order to see if the body can support the endosteal implants. There are cases when dental X-rays are necessary and the dentist can explain to you the entire procedure. The dental procedure related to the endosteal dental implants requires certain important steps, such as:
  •     the cylinders are placed in the position where the tooth used to be;
  •     about 6 weeks are necessary for the endosteal implant to fuse to the bone and to be accepted by the body;
  •     the abutment is placed into the dental implant under surgery;
  •     the dental crown or bridge will be placed on top of the dental implant.

Can pregnant women receive dental implants?

The condition of a pregnant woman will weigh much when we talk about possible dental treatments, including dental implants. A doctor's recommendation says that the first semester in pregnancy is quite difficult, it is an important stage for both the mother and the unborn child, so it is important to skip the dental treatments that involve dental x-rays, local anesthesia or antibiotics. Also, according to dentists and specialists, it is best to wait for the delivery and postpone any dental implant treatment, for the sake of the baby. Oral surgery involves several stages, the osseointegration might prolong, dental complications might appear on the way, so, in such conditions, a pregnant woman cannot benefit from such treatments.

Taking care of the denture after receiving dental implants

There are many questions that come to mind when deciding on having dental implants. Besides the costs of dental implants and of course, the entire procedure, some patients are really interested in the afterward treatments and care. Acting like normal teeth, dental implants should not be a problem or a concern when it comes to brushing and flossing techniques and habits. In other words, respecting the main rules of cleaning the denture remain the same, meaning that brushing at least two times per time is extremely important. Even flossing after each meal should be considered when having dental implants of any kind, and that to eliminate the food debris that might get stuck between the teeth. Your dentist in Dubai will tell you more about after dental treatment care. It is important to correctly take care of the teeth and to respect all the indications when it comes to dental implants

Dental implants as part of a treatment plan

Dental implants can be received by anyone wanting to improve the smile and the denture or can be a great treatment for those who understand the importance of having perfect and healthy teeth for the entire life. Still, until the treatment is received, some important steps need to be considered. A dentist will, first of all, make a complete verification of the denture that also includes a dental x-ray. This stage is extremely important and that because a dental implant cannot be placed if there are serious dental problems. For instance, if the patient suffers from gingivitis or periodontitis or if wisdom teeth need to be removed, such problems must be solved before the dental implants enter the discussion. The same thing is available for patients having cavities or caries which need to be treated before considering having dental implants. A correct and complete dental treatment plan can be offered by one of our Dubai dentists after a preliminary dental check. This means that besides the costs of dental implants in Dubai, one should also pay attention to the costs for additional dental treatments.

Looking for a proper dental clinic in Dubai and asking for dental implants

The development of cosmetic dentistry is for sure highlighted by a large number of top dental clinics in Dubai and by numerous patients who enjoy excellent results after getting the necessary dental treatments. There is no need to worry about how to choose a good dental office in Dubai and that because all clinics benefit from top technology and quality equipment, not to mention the experienced doctors who can cover a wide range of dental treatments, among which, dental implants.

When searching for a dental office in Dubai, you should start with some verifications on the internet, reviews, testimonials, and anything that can convince you to choose the right services. Most of the dental clinics in Dubai have official websites with complete information about the services offered, plus details about the costs involved. Also, you can check the descriptions of the dentists in Dubai, see their specialties and experience before choosing the one that suits most of your needs. Feel free to talk to one of our dentists in Dubai and ask about the costs of dental implants in Dubai.

FAQ about dental implants in Dubai

1. Who can receive dental implants?
Anyone who wants to improve the denture and benefit from healthy teeth can ask for dental implants. Even senior patients can receive dental implants, as sustained by the American Dental Association and the research made in this area.

2. What are the average costs for dental implants in Dubai?
The prices for dental implant treatments range between USD 1,000 and USD 4,000, depending on the procedure and materials made.

3. How long does it take to have a dental implant?
It takes around 9 months until a dental implant is placed, however, it might take less time if the osseointegration is faster. Your dentist in Dubai will tell you more about the available treatment and its implications.

4. Is it necessary to have additional treatments before a dental implant is placed?
Yes, your dentist in Dubai will have to make a complete verification of the denture before any treatment is made. Some procedures might be necessary to remove plaque and tartar or to eliminate caries, in order to receive a dental implant.

5. How can I get a successful dental implant?
A successful dental implant depends on the materials used and on the dentists’ experience in this field. The health status of a patient will also play a major role during the dental implant treatment.

Why should I choose dental implants in Dubai?

Replacing one or more teeth can be made with the help of dental implants. As soon as the denture is restored with one or more dental implants, the patient will gain instant improvements of their appearance and smile. Moreover, such a treatment is highly recommended instead of removable dentures, especially for senior patients. Improving chewing efficiency is another reason why you should decide on dental implants. According to studies, a dental implant can improve the taste of food compared to the removable dentures that consist of varied plastic materials. In our dental offices in Dubai, the patients benefit from complete and customized dental services in agreement with their needs. Any missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant, and more than that, it will look and act like the real tooth and last a lifetime.

Dental treatments have changed during the past decade, and dentistry continues to develop at a fast pace in any of the branches. The same thing goes for dental implants which are affordable for most of people, depending on their case and denture. Persons interested in complete dental treatments and wanting to know more about the prices involved can talk to our team of dentists in Dubai and ask for complete information. You can benefit from a personalized offer, so it is best to see all the steps involved in a dental treatment plan in Dubai.

The duration of a dental implant is related to the proper oral hygiene and to the doctor’s special recommendations, such as:
  •     choose a healthy diet;
  •     use a proper toothbrush;
  •     take minerals and vitamins supplements;
  •     properly brush and floss the teeth.

Dental implants were invented in 1952 by a Swedish doctor. Since then, the procedure has become a standard in dentistry, practiced by dentists worldwide. Dental implants are necessary when replacing a natural tooth. The operation can only be performed using anesthetics, as the dental intervention requires the doctor to drill in the jawbone and insert a titanium screw, on which the prosthetic tooth will be added. The intervention is not done for patients under the age of 18, as the natural bone and jawbone are not fully developed yet. 
Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for a personalized offer and complete information about the prices for dental implant treatments.